Parent Letter


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Week of October 10, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our story in reading this week will be “The Ugly Vegetables.” Please listen to your child read this story each night. Reading the same story each night helps build fluency and accuracy. There will be a vocabulary and comprehension test on Friday.

Spelling List

rock stuck black class

trick doll

kick off

full will

dress across

neck pocket

add Colorado

spell Denver

Homework Hint: Sort spelling words by double consonants  or “ck”

Vocabulary List

flavors -  


blooming – having flowers

muscles – parts of the body used to help you move and do things

nodded – moved the head up and down

plain – simple, not fancy

scent – a smell

shovels – garden tools used for lifting dirt and soil

tough – hard, thick on the outside

wrinkled – folded up in a messy way; crumpled

Homework Hint: Have children make sentences with the vocabulary words.

Thanks for all your help,

Second Grade Teachers