Parent Letter


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Week of November 27, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our story in reading this week will be “Violet's Music.” Please listen to your child read this story each night. Reading the same story each night helps build fluency and accuracy. There will be a vocabulary and comprehension test on Friday.

Spelling List

pay hay

wait gray

paint away

train stay

pail day

clay raisin

tray birthday

plain Idaho

stain Boise

Homework Hint: Sort spelling words by the “ai” or “ay” vowel digraph. (“ai” will be in the middle of the word and “ay” will come at the end of the word)

Vocabulary List



alone – by yourself or without anyone else

hours – amounts of time equal to 60 minutes each

museum – a place where you can see old or special things

nursery – a baby’s bedroom

real – not pretend or fake

shake – to move something back and forth quickly

smooth – steady and flowing

whenever – any time

Homework Hint: Have children make sentences with the vocabulary words

Thanks for all your help,

Second Grade Teachers