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This year in Science students will explore scientific investigation, matter, energy and force, electricity and magnetism, Earth's resources, plants, animals, and ecosystems. While exploring these concepts they will launch their own investigations and conduct experiments just like the professionals!

Our classroom is host to a beta fish, Gilbert, and two snails, Cole and Colton. Throughout the year students will have chances to observe and care for the fish and his tank cleaning friends. We will use these class pets to launch discussions on the food chain, ecosystems, renewable resources, and aquaponics. I have several fish resources in the classroom, but any donations related to fish, underwater ecosystems, or aquaponics would be well-used and greatly appreciated!

        I hope to have regular guests come visit throughout the year. Plus, students will have the chance to observe plants, animals, and insects first hand as they complete their life cycle. It's going to be one super exciting adventure!!!!

Let's explore!