Mr. Commander

Contact information:
School Phone-903-633-1540 

Daily Schedule:
1st period-   (7:45-8:40)-7th grade math
2nd period- (8:45-9:30)-Staar Math
3rd period-  (9:35-10:20)-Staar Math
4th period-  (10:35-11:20)-8th grade math
5th period-  (11:25-12:13)-Staar math
6th period-  (12:53 -1:41)-6th grade math
7th period-  (1:46-2:34)-Conference 

To best keep up with your student in my classes, all you need is your student's school email and password.  Please feel free to go to our online classroom at any time and see what is going on inside the class.  Your student will be able to assist you in opening this page, they are well trained. If you have any questions, please email me and I will help in any way I can.