Elysian Fields Elementary School

  Elementary School

 Elementary School

PO Box 119 Elysian Fields, TX 75642
Fax: 903-633-2187

 Principal:  Martha Lovaasen

                                                            Assistant Principal:  Monica Simmons

The Elysian Fields Elementary School library is having a book fair coin drive beginning Monday, October 15th  and lasting until Friday, October 26th. Each grade level will have a bucket for coins. The grade level with the most change at the end of the book fair will win in ice cream party. The change that is collected at the end of the week will be used to buy books for the classrooms.  Parents are invited to eat lunch with their child and to shop the book fair.

Here are the dates by grade level for lunch and shopping:

Monday, Oct. 22nd - PreK & Kindergarten
Tuesday, Oct. 23rd - 1st grade
Wednesday, Oct. 24th - 2nd grade
Thursday, Oct. 25th - 3rd grade
Friday, Oct. 26th - 4th & 5th 

Important Dates

2018-19 Supply List (Pre-K through 5th)

 2018-19 Student Handbook

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