Elysian Fields is a small community. There aren’t a lot of activities, but there are still some thing you can do. You can visit a church (There are many churches in the area). You can visit our general store and pick up something. You can also attend Elysian Fields High School and participate in a bunch of different interesting classes.

Another part of our small community is our general store. It has all kind of things that you can buy in a normal store. Including drinks, gas, and even some food. The students from E-F love to visit this store after school. The store even offers jobs for students. The store is just perfect for a small town like Elysian Fields.

Our school has many classes and after school activities that students can participate in. Some of the popular choices include: Football, Band, Baseball, and Tennis. Students around here love their sports. Though, not only do we love our sports, we love our Academics. Classes include Pre-Cal, Physics, Computer Classes, and more.