Varsity Band Information

Dates for 2016-17 Region 4:
Jazz Auditions Sept 5
Marching Contest Oct 25
UIL Twirling Contest Nov 12

All Region Tryouts Dec 10
All Area Tryouts Jan 7
All State Tryouts Feb 8
Solo-Ensemble Tryouts Feb 17
Concert-Sightreading Contest Mar 2
Texas State Solo-Ensemble Contest May 27
Disney World Performance at the Magic Kingdom June 7


Our concert music
Concert score was a 211111*.

Our 2016-17 varsity band

Solo and Ensemble Participants
Beau Creech 1* on solo and ensemble

Kayla Sistrunk 1* on solo

Kayla Sistrunk, Anna Beth Simmons, 1* on trio
And Abbi Jose

*1 means it's the best overall. It is scored from one being the best too 4 being the worst*