2020-21 Supply List


Pre-K Supply List 2020-21

___ 2 Pencil Box (one to be use as a snack box)

___3 boxes Kleenex

___1 Anti-bacterial Face or Baby Wipes

___Germ-X  (be sure to check the date) --Boys  

___Baggies –Gallon- Girls

___6 Elmer purple glue sticks

___1 Black Plastic Folder without brads

___2 Purple Plastic Folder without brads

___1 Lanyard

___Backpack- (must be big enough to hold a pencil box, lunch box, a large folder and jacket.)                    

___Small Blanket or Towel (No Pillows and all large blanks will be sent home!)

___Red/Blue Rest Mats (only) – ALL OTHERS WILL BE SENT BACK HOME!

___Mat Cover  ( a 20x54 body pillow case fit perfectly)

___Extra Clothes – 2 sets:  1 for cold weather, 1 for hot weather                     (SOCKS, UNDERWEAR, PANTS AND SHORTS, SHIRT)