2019-20 Supply List

We are happy to announce that our school has chose to sell prepackaged school supplies for the 2019-20 school year though School Tool Box. You may place your order online and it will be delivered to your home. You will have the option to customize your order by adding or removing items from the teacher-approved list.
 Go to www.schooltoolbox.com


Pre-K Supply List 2019-20

___Pencil Box (to be use as a snack box)

___3 boxes Kleenex

___1 Anti-bacterial Face or Baby Wipes

___Germ-X  (be sure to check the date) --Boys  

___Baggies –Gallon- Girls

___6 Elmer purple glue sticks

___9x12 Construction Paper

___Paper Plates – Boys – Large

                             Girls Small

___2 Black Plastic Folder without brads

___1 Purple Plastic Folder without brads

___1 Lanyard

___Backpack- (must be big enough to hold a pencil box, lunch box, a large folder and jacket.)                    

___Small Blanket or Towel (No Pillows and all large blanks will be sent home!)

___Red/Blue Rest Mats (only) – ALL OTHERS WILL BE SENT BACK HOME!

___Mat Cover  ( a 20x54 body pillow case fit perfectly)

___Extra Clothes – 2 sets:  1 for cold weather, 1 for hot weather                                              (SOCKS, UNDERWEAR, PANTS AND SHORTS, SHIRT)