GSuite for Education

GSuite for Education

What is GSuite for Education?

GSuite for Education is a group of services provided to K-12 education entities for free.  These applications offer students (and teachers too) the ability to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more in formats that are quite compatible with major brand productivity software like Microsoft Office, etc.

EFISD is now enrolled into the GSuite for Education program and each student will be able to log in and use the GSuite apps and also have access to an GMAIL account so that they can email teachers and other students at EFISD.  With each student GSuite account there is also Google Drive storage for storing your school work.

By signing on to GSuite for Education and creating your papers, presentations, etc and then storing them in your Google Drive you will be able to work from school or home on the same documents, etc. 

To learn more about using GSuite for Education see here:

GSuite Welcome Center

To sign on to your Google Apps Account  you may use this link:

To reach Google Classroom you may use this link:

If you have trouble signing on to GAFE or have questions please let a Teacher or Principal know so that the problem or question can be addressed.