Notable Persons of The Colored School and BTW

Notable Persons

From presiding over the school for sixteen years (D.H. Fluellen) to teaching and supporting the school there were many involved in making BTW a great place to learn.  Here are a few of those who worked hard for BTW to succeed:


Mr. Durant 1871 - 1878

Jordan Williams 1890 - 1893

V. Cox

Isam Spears

Jim Brown

C.A. Dudley

W.J. Brown

Mr. Oakley 1893 - 1910

Jesse D. Spears 1948 - 1970

Richard Anderson

Annie B. Hamilton 1945

Estelle Osborne

Clyte Spears Anderson

J.D. Sanford 1941

Emma Lattimore

J. G. Chatman 1947

Claude Daniels

Ray Marshall 1951

Helen Johnson

Ophelia Hatten

Creacy B Leary

Lemma L. Wallace

Henry Sanders

Vernon D. Sanders 1954

Mabel Benton

Zephr May 1954

Earl English

Louise Wilson

Stephen Alexander

Victoria Davis

Ollie B. Hodge Lester

Verdie Hall

Zenobia Watson

Vivian Smith