Mrs. Morgan

Welcome to 7th-grade English!

Hi, my name is Jodi Morgan, and I have been teaching at EFMS since 2001.  Before that, I taught in Fort Worth and Marshall.  Our family has lived in Elysian Fields since 1995, and we have three sons - two currently in college at Louisiana Tech University and one at EFHS!   I absolutely love this little community, and I truly feel blessed to spend time with these junior high kids.  

This English class will focus on all aspects of writing: increasing vocabulary, varying sentence formats, and responding to topics with essays that are both personal and objective.  

Here is some info about the responsibilities your child will have in my class:

Each week, students will be quizzed on an Academic Word List.  They should be able to correctly pronounce each word, know the word's meaning, and be able to spell at least 5 of the words for the week.  

Each week, students will have an IXL assignment online.  They will have at least 45 mins of class time to work on this so I can explain the lesson and answer questions.

Handwriting is a skill that must be practiced.  For this reason, we will practice both print and cursive, and students may be asked to rewrite an entire assignment if it is difficult to read. 

The folder for this class must be kept organized!  We do not use a textbook, so the notes and handouts in the folder are vital.  Also, you can check your child's grades at home by looking at the grade sheet in the front.  All graded papers are given back and stored behind the grade sheet for you to look over, as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, my email is and our teaming time is 8:45-9:30 daily.