Mrs. Morgan

Each week, students will be quizzed on an Academic Word List.  They should be able to correctly pronounce each word, know the word's meaning, and be able to spell at least 5 of the words for the week.  
4th Six Weeks:

          ( Jan. 9-12)  #1-10      access adequate annual apparent approximate
      attitude attributed civil code commitment

( Jan. 22-26) #11-20      delinquent     tramp         moderation  proceed
                                      avid     uncanny      diction  serenely
                                      intoned     resentment

        (Feb. 5 - 9)  #31-40        ‚Äč defiant           opaque         transparent        somber
                                      endure           insolent        stark                  impact
                                      radiate           flanked