National Red Ribbon Week

National Red Ribbon Week
Posted on 09/24/2018

We will be celebrating National Red Ribbon Week the week of October 22nd-26th.  We want to join other students across the nation in saying no to drugs and alcohol.  To help us remember to reject these substances, we will have a theme for each day of that week.  Please encourage your child(ren) to dress accordingly each day! ☺

The themes for each day of Red Ribbon Week are:

Monday, October 22- My Dreams Are Too Big for Drugs!

                                 (wear your PJs)

Tuesday, October 23- I’m HAPPY to be Drug Free!

                                   (Wear an emoji shirt or dress like an emoji)

Wednesday, October 24- Real Heroes Are Drug Free

(dress a a superhero OR your real-life hero)

Thursday, October 25- Freaky Thursday:

  Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up!

                                       (Students dress as teachers and teachers

     dress as students)

Friday, October 26- Say “Boo” To Drugs!

                               (wear your Halloween masks or scary

                               costumes, please)